Assistance Project in race motorbikes born from the enthusiasm and dedication of pilots with extensive experience in the world of motorbikes.

If anything we have shown the many years of participation in the Dakar Rally and different evidence-Raid, is the evidence that the motorbikes have special needs for assistance in career totally different from cars, mainly regarding schedules.

In short, the Assistance Service in race motorbikes, this is a service designed by and for motorists, trying to make it a little easier on the difficult enterprise of running a Rally-Raid.

We know that we can make all our customers in riders, but we will make them feel like them. So Xraids offers its customers a MAN truck 480 6 X 6, fully equipped with generator, compressor, work bench ... a true all-terrain workshop, and a car 4 X 4, both enrolled in category T5, for transportation of parts, mechanics, tools and personal effects.

Xraids team offers the most professional and technical and specialized, prepared exclusively for you.

If your goal is to participate in Rally-Raids and tests, Xraids can help you with your service motorbikes racing.